25 years of Bugaderia l’Empordà

This May marked the 25-year celebration of our company being founded. The company was formed on 2nd May 1989. We would like to take advantage of this moment of celebration to thank all those who have made this journey possible.

Firstly, a special thank you to clients such as Melià Sitges and Aparthotel Atenea for their loyal custom, having been with us for more than twenty-two years. We are, and will always be, very grateful and will do everything in our power to continue this relationship long into the future.

Nor do we want to forget the people who have worked alongside us from the beginning and who, 25 years on, are still actively involved, such as our founder, Mr Joan Sabrià Roura, and Mrs Paqui Gamez. A big thank you as well to our many other employees who have been with us for over twenty years, plus a special note of remembrance for those who have left us, such as the much-loved Fèlix Vera.