Laundry Service

The whiteness of excellence

The advantages of specialisation

Unlike other suppliers, due to Bugaderia l’Empordà’s specialisation in hotel laundry services, the demand from our clients for high standards with regard to hygiene, ironing, whiteness and packaging is much greater.

The fact that the company does not have any hospital or industrial sector contracts ensures a total commitment with the guarantee of a perfect laundry service, and an assurance that, at no point during the laundry process, were the linens mixed with or contaminated by those used for surgical purposes, in the meat industry, etc.

Bugaderia l’Empordà sees the perfect laundering service as one that cleans stains without damaging linens, and leaves them soft and with a degree of whiteness that is beyond excellence.

The perfect laundry service

In order to ensure the highest quality, we send samples to external laboratories for analysis to determine:

  • Whiteness levels 
  • Control pH levels in the laundry process 
  • Control of linen incrustation 
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An obsession for whiteness

Our principal aim, after washing the linens thoroughly, is getting an excellent degree of whiteness. That way, we can be sure that our linens look pristine, gleaming and white, a sign of cleanliness and perfection.

Berger Whiteness rating (optical)

The level of whiteness deemed acceptable within the industry following successive laundering is from 130º on the Berger scale. A value of more than 150º is considered excellent. The values ​​obtained by Bugaderia l’Empordà in our periodic checks are always around 160º on the Berger scale.

Ganszgriesser Whiteness rating

This whiteness measurement is used more in countries like Germany and Switzerland and sets acceptable values of ​​between 185 and 210. According to this parameter, the degree of whiteness achieved by L’Empordà Bugaderia is between 220 and 235.

pH control in the washing and rinsing processes

The pH in rinsing and the pH balance of the linens is an important control value since a high pH may cause skin irritation, while a low pH affects the cotton weave.

Control of potential incrustation and durability of linens

We monitor incrustation by burning the linens in an 800ºC oven and then measuring the trace minerals, calcium, etc. We periodically measure the DP or “Degree of Polymerization” to determine whether the linens are in good condition or not, measuring their breaking strength.

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