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The most professional laundry service

In addition to our laundry services, we offer linen rental services covering the various needs of the hospitality industry: bed linens, bath linens, restaurant table linens, linens for spas and pools. Both the original idea for this service methodology and the concept hail from the United Kingdom and became popular on the Iberian Peninsula in the early 90s. With the increasing professionalization in the sector, hoteliers stopped buying linens and washing them in their own on-site laundries, moving instead to outsourcing this service.

Bugaderia L’ Empordà was a pioneer in offering this service to the first clients opting to go down this route in Barcelona and Sitges, back in 1992. Currently, in addition to laundry services, we also provide linen rental services to more than 95% of our client portfolio. The linens we supply on a rental basis are mainly 100% cotton (80% of our production), being supplemented by other fabrics like cotton and polyester mix (80%/20 %), linen and polyester mix (50%/50%), linen (100%) and polyester (100%), each with a specific use and always sourced from top quality suppliers.

Advantages for hotels

  • Conversion of a variable cost for linens to a fixed cost service.
  • No assumption of costs with regard to wear and tear, or theft of the linens.
  • Freedom to use on-site laundry spaces for other purposes.
  • Guarantee of the best service, best price and greater efficiency.
  • Process simplification and ease of management for housekeepers.
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Specialists in:

Bed linens

Bed linens and hotel room accessories are key elements in ensuring optimum rest and relaxation for guests. The quality of our sheets, pillows, throws and duvets guarantee that experience and, above all, completes the dream stay being offered by the hotel.

Bath and spa linens

Our 100% cotton fabrics have a long strand count of 22, added to our quality washing and drying products used, with infrared temperature detectors that allow us to provide an extraordinary level of softness to our towels and bathrobes. The diversity of measurements, grammage and colours allow our clients to make a choice to fit with the image of their hotel perfectly.

Restaurant table linens

The quality of the laundry service, well-pressed linens and the absence of creases are the basis of enjoying an excellent meal in a top restaurant. Our roller-free machinery prevents marks being left on napkins and we offer a wide variety of materials, colours and finishing products (such as starch) to satisfy the most demanding of clients.

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